Frequently Asked Questions about EQuipTech Service Contracts

Q: Where can I sign up for a service contract?

A: Follow this link.

Q: Why is Ovivo shifting to a pay for service system?

A: It comes down to simple business. The Technical Support group dedicates thousands of hours per year to managing the customer support efforts. We will not be prospering financially by offering support plans for as low as $3,000 per year, but it will help offset the increasing costs of supporting customers.

Q: How will the new system work?

A: In order to better serve our customers we are establishing a Call Center. They will answer calls and direct messages to the Technical Support group. Your call will be returned by a technician.

Q: I live in Hawaii, Alaska, or in a U.S Territory. Does standard contract pricing apply to me?

A: Sadly no. Prices are specifically for the contiguous 48 States. We will however work to provide you with excellent pricing.

Q: If my plant does not have a service package and we are experiencing an emergency will Ovivo turn us away?

A: Ovivo will never turn our customers away. If you are experiencing an emergency MBR event, please call the hotline, explain your emergency and the Call Center Operator will pass your message to the Technical Support team. These calls will be billable at our standard rate of $145 per hour.

Q: If I call for an emergency, and am charged for by the hour for support, can I apply those funds to a contract later?

A: Yes. You have 30 days following an hourly support event to roll those costs into a contract.

Q. How/where can I review contract options?

A: The plans & prices are posted here.

Q: If my plant is still under warranty will I need to purchase a service package?

A: No. If your facility is still in the original membrane warranty period you're covered.

Q: Can I build a custom service package for my plant with only the services I intend to use?

A: Yes, you can use our ‘click and build form’ to purchase only the items of interest to you with the simple click of a button and you can enter your PO number online.

Q: Will Ovivo offer any alternative to purchasing a service package?

A: Ovivo will continue to support any customers that do not have a service package at our standard hourly rate of $145.

Q: Do we have to purchase the service package immediately or do we have a grace period to get approval?

A: June 1st, 2014 will be the last day of our free support option.

Q: If I buy the service package in the middle of the year, can I get a pro-rated rate?

A: The year will start from the date of purchase through to the same date of the following year.

Q: Where do I find my Service Contract Number?

A: When you establish a contract we will issue you a contract number. It will begin with the letters FAW-----.