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The EQuipTech™ Aftermarket Support Program is a tiered service program offering post warranty support to our MBR customers. Site visits,enhanced training and even extended process warranties are available. Contact your EQuipTech™ Customer Support Representative via the EQuipTech™ Hotline at 512-652-5848 or at EQuipTech@ovivowater.com.

Technical Support - Ovivo's highly trained staff can help troubleshoot operational issues over the phone or by remotely connecting to your plant control system. If necessary, Ovivo has a nationwide network of certified field service technicians that can be dispatched to provide onsite assistance. With any Ovivo MBR system free technical support is provided for the first year of service. With the EQuipTech™ program, technical support services can be extended for years to come.

On Site Support - All of our service plans have the option to include site visits from our skilled staff. You can use these visits as an opportunity to gain refresher training, visually inspect submerged membrane units, perform maintenance as required with the support of plant personnel,have a system review or to address a specific problem. Additional days can be added at a flat rate.

Remote SCADA Monitoring and Support - Using advanced remote administration and monitoring technology, Ovivo can actively monitor the status of your system to proactively address potential problems. In addition, electronic reports summarizing SCADA monitoring activity can be sent to your site and used to optimize system performance. SCADA monitoring also includes alarm management services that allow Ovivo to help address situations on a real-time basis.

System Audits - During a System Audit, Ovivo's technical staff reviews the performance of all your MBR subsystems and the efficiency of the biological process. Our comprehensive System Audits can include the evaluation of biological treatment efficiency, nutrient removal, clean in place procedures, energy consumption, as well as a review of any supporting systems such as headworks and aeration systems.